Hello all, It is my pleasure to welcome everyone to this year’s 76th annual Klickitat County Fair & Rodeo. This event is a cherished tradition where people from across and outside the county can come to make memories that are sure to last a lifetime. My name is Savannah Demchuk, your 2019 Klickitat County Fair and Rodeo Queen.

Like many of you, I too share the roots, love, and admiration for the beautiful Klickitat County, being born and raised here in White Salmon. I started my schooling in a private school but transferred to White Salmon in middle school, where I am now a 17 year old, soon-to-be senior at Columbia High School. When I am not in school, you can always catch me with my horse. This past year, I have been actively involved in the Goldendale High School Equestrian team as a cooperative arrangement with Columbia, and I have been participating in 4-H since I was 7 years old. When I’m not with my horse, I am with the FFA club in White Salmon, or just out enjoying the beautiful PNW.

Growing up with horses is like a little girls fairytale, and my childhood certainly was. I’ve been riding horses since before I can remember, and I won my first buckle when I was 7 years old, here at the Fair in 2009. My first partner in crime was my sisters horse after she outgrew her, a 14.2 hand Haflinger Quarter Horse cross named Myah. She taught me many life lessons, mostly patience, and led me to 6 buckles here in the county. In 2014, I became the proud owner of a horse I could finally call my own, a now 11 year old Quarter Horse Gelding named Slim. With Slim by my side it feels like we can accomplish anything. Since I got him, we have achieved things I thought we never would, including 6 more buckles and competing at state fairs both in Puyallup and Yakima.

My longingness to be a Rodeo Queen started the moment I saw one of the Queens do a run out here at our rodeo. I was always the little girl wandering around the fair asking the queens for hugs, and perfecting my queen wave for my family. I always told my parents I would be one of those girls one day, I would become a rodeo queen. Since never holding a title before, my first being for our wonderful county is like a dream come true. Throughout my years here at the Fair, exploring and walking the grounds was always my favorite thing to do, like seeing all the exhibits, watching the different types of people who come to the fair, and of course, the food. The amazing Kick Off Barbeque has always been one of my favorites.

Over the course of my past year representing Klickitat county, I have made new friends, traveled all over Washington State, talked to various people, and I’ve had a blast sharing with others what makes our county truly one of a kind. But the best part has been impacting lives, and making memories that I will remember for the rest of my life. Come on down to the Fair and join me and Slim. Make forever memories like I have. You won’t regret it!