The Klickitat County Fairboard is pleased to announce Judith Throop and Kacie L. Bane as the 2018 KCFR Grand Marshals. Both Judi and Kacie were raised in Klickitat County and have been active in fair activities and responsibilities since their youth and continue to be a welcome and highly regarded presence in the Fair office.

Combined, Judi and Kacie have spent 48 years in the Fair office and like to tell everyone that they will be buried under the building so that they can continue to haunt the dreams of little fairgoers for centuries to come. If you haven’t been through the door to take “The Pretty Poll – Who is Prettier?” or been handed a fishing rod to “Go Fish – For an Answer to Your Question” or had a bee sting, a lost dog (child or parent!), a rant for the chicken judge, or wanted to know where to find the llamas, then you would do best to find the answers or the direction to go in at the fair office. You may have heard their fabled “curfew” songs sung terribly over the PA every night at 10 pm during the fair week all the way in town! For that, they apologize.

Judi, Kacie, and their prize-winning office cow “Holy Cow, The Divine Bovine,” (a sculpture created by local artist Kimiko Atkins) are the creative, funny, organized, they-know-everyone dynamic trio of the well-oiled hub known as the Fair office. Their enthusiasm and humor, coupled with their longstanding support and participation in the KCFR over the course of their (still young!) live in the past 25+ years is appreciated and honored by this distinction in 2018. Thank you, Judi and Kacie, and congratulations!


2018 KCFR Grand Marshals
Judith Throop (l) and Kacie L. Bane (r) pose in the fair office with their prized bovine project.